Nutri-Vert (2003) Inc

Professionals in Liquid Fertilizer and Plant Food Since 1987

Company Overview
Nutri-Vert (2003) Inc. represents and distributes liquid organic fertilizer and non organic liquid fertilizer along with the accessories needed for application on agricultural crops, fruit trees, vineyards, flowers, gardens, and organic lawn care.
We also carry sod, lawn grass seed, horse feed, great quality cat and the best dry dog food at an affordable price. We have available a wide variety of bird feeders and bird seeds to meet everyone's needs!!
General Information
The company was formed in 1987 by a small group of men with over 15 years combined experience in the liquid fertilizer business. The company is dedicated to marketing of highest quality, premium grade of LIQUID FERTILIZER, using only THE BEST QUALITY RAW PRODUCTS available.
By marketing to farmers using a few select distributors, NUTRI-VERT is able to keep its prices for a premium grade liquid plant food at a price that a farmer can afford.
NUTRI-VERT liquid plant food is a quality starter fertilizer made from the finest ingredients available to the fertilizer made from the finest ingredients available to the the fertilizer industry. A true solution with a low salt index and a near neutral pH, NUTRI-VERT can be placed in the row, therefore closer to the seed than dry fertilizer or liquid slurries allowing the fast starts and healthy development that helps crops easily utilize additional nutrients and to better withstand stress. And being a true solution, NUTRI-VERT will not settle out, and thus assures a more uniform application of analysis.
Many good reasons you should choose to use THE COMPLETE NUTRI-VERT PROGRAMS:
1. Diversity of products;
2. Quality of products;
3. Proven products;
4. Availabilty of products;
5. Affordable prices;
6. Organic products not available from other retail outlets;
7. Knowledge and skills of staff;
8. Family friendly atmosphere;
9. Customer services always available;
10. Parking, and lift service for easy loading;
If we don’t have it, we can get it!