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3-18-18 Liquid Fertilizer
3-18-18 Liquid Fertilizer
Quantity available in 250 ml, 10 litres, Tote or in bulk


Product Code: 3-18-18
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Nutri-Vert's 3-18-18 Liquid Fertilizer is a high quality liquid starter that is 100% ortho-phosphate , which means it is immediately available to your plant. 3-18-18 is recommended to encourage blossoming, the ripening of fruits and vegetables or as a winterizer on all crops. Many different ways of application include foliar. 3-18-18 Recommend application as a "FINISHER" to promote the ripening of fruit or promote blooming flowers.
IMPORTANT...To ensure the best solution for your crops, garden, flowers, please contact us, so we can review your situation and guide you in selecting the right liquid fertilizer / plant food, the quantity and how best to apply it.
  • Product is immediately ingested by the plant through the roots and leaf;
  • Less soil contact, therefore, less nutrients fixed in the unusable form;
  • It is clean and easy to handle; Application cuts down on labor and down-time;
  • Less cost for similar crop response and enhances earlier maturity which spells out higher yields;
  • Placement can be made that will assure availability;
  • Neutral product pH (7.0);
  • Non corrosive to metal equipment;
  • Eliminates leaf burn (can foliar feed);
  • No sediment and a indefinite life;

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