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Rabbit Food in Pellets - 25 kg Bag
Rabbit Food in Pellets


Product Code: 323141261220
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At Nutri-Vert we want you to make sure you select the correct rabbit food in pellets. Some rabbit pellets, are developed for rabbit “livestock” because of their ease of feeding and rapid weight gain. For house rabbits, some rabbit pellets can contribute to obesity, chronic soft stools, overproduction of cecals, and from pellets high in calcium, urine sludge and other calcium-related health issues can occur. For the house rabbit that is expected to live at least 10 years, and may not get enough exercise, needs a diet high in fibre and low in calories to maintain a healthy weight. Other problems with rabbit pellets available through pet supply stores do not promote good health. They are high in calcium, contain too much sugar (molasses as a binder), and some contain corn, seeds, and dried fruits causing obesity in house rabbits. As already stated rabbits need a "plain" pellet that is high in fiber, low in protein and calcium, and does not contain any added seeds or dried fruits. Come to see us, so we can guide you as to the right food for your rabbit.

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