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Monty's 4-15-12 Liquid Fertilizer
Monty's 4-15-12 Liquid Fertilizer
Available in 250 mL, 10 Litres, Tote or in bulk


Product Code: 4-15-12
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Nutri-Vert's provides Monty's 4-15-12 Liquid Fertilizer which improves and activates the recovery of plants after transplanting. Our product acts as a soil conditioner increasing the micro biological activity that optimizes the nutrients and water absorption by the plants root system. Using 4-15-12 Monty's liquid fertilizer reinforces year after year the resistance of the plants immune system against diseases, and stress caused by poor weather conditions. Monty’s Liquid Plant Food Explanation; = Basic: 5-20-5, 9-18-9, and 3-18-18 with (Split molicules+trace elements+humic acids) 4-15-12 Recommended application during or immediately prior to planting , provides a boost for your plants. 8-16-8 Recommended application during vegetative growth stage of all crops starting when plants reach about 4-7 inches in height, if continued plant growth is the objective, continue with a second application of 8-16-8. 2-15-15 Recommended application as a “finisher” to promote the pushing of fruit or bloom.
IMPORTANT...To ensure the best solution for your crops, garden, flowers, please contact us, so we can review your situation and guide you in selecting the right liquid fertilizer / plant food, the quantity and how best to apply it.

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