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9-18-9 Liquid Fertilizer
9-18-9 Liquid Fertilizer
Available in 250 ml, 10 L, tote or in bulk


Product Code: 9-18-9
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Nutri-Vert's 9-18-9 liquid fertilizer is a high quality liquid starter that is 100% ortho-phosphate, which means it is immediately available to your plant. This is critical in the early stages of plant growth. Highly recommended at planting or transplanting because 9-18-9 can be placed directly with the seed at planting or by foliar application. A favorite for potted plants like African violets & geraniums. In the garden for, flowers, vegetables and lawns. 9-18-9 Recommend application when plants reach 4-7 inches in height. If continued plant growth is the objective, continue with a second application.
IMPORTANT...To ensure the best solution for your crops, garden, flowers, please contact us, so we can review your situation and guide you in selecting the right liquid fertilizer / plant food, the quantity and how best to apply it.
  • Product is immediately ingested by the plant through the roots and leaf;
  • Less soil contact, therefore, less nutrients fixed in the unusable form;
  • It is clean and easy to handle;
  • Application cuts down on labor and down-time;
  • Less cost for similar crop response and enhances earlier maturity which spells out higher yields;
  • Placement can be made that will assure availability;
  • Neutral product pH (7.0);
  • Non corrosive to metal equipment;
  • Eliminates leaf burn (can foliar feed);
  • No sediment and a indefinite life;

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