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3-3-0.3 Liquid Fish Fertilizer
3-3-0.3 Liquid Fish Fertilizer
Quantity available in 250 ml, 10 litres, Tote or in bulk


Product Code: 3-3-0.3
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Nutri-Vert's 3-3-0.3 Liquid Fish Fertilizer is a by-product of nutraceutical processing of cape shark. The unique manufacturing process gives 3-3-0.3 a high oil and collagen content. This means it will lock up in the soil instead of leaching out, unlike fish emulsions. It works as an excellent source of feed for beneficial bacteria and fungi. This liquid organic fertilizer increases a plant's resistance to pests, disease, heat and drought stress. It restores and replenishes overworked soil through increased microbial activity. It helps produce better quality plants, greater bloom in flowers, and an average 20% increase in yields. 3-3-0.3 breaks down lawn grass seed hull, causing the seed to germinate faster. Nutri-Vert highly recommends 3-3-0.3 as a liquid fertilizer for ceder hedges and also works great as a repellent for deer.
IMPORTANT...To ensure the best solution for your crops, garden, flowers, please contact us, so we can review your situation and guide you in selecting the right liquid fertilizer / plant food, the quantity and how best to apply it.
  • Plant health gives long lasting results with improvements in plant color, overall health and tremendous growth.
  • Soil health qualities are improved for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients.
  • Unproductive soil can be rebuilt and replenished.
  • Microbial activity promotes the growth of bacteria and other organisms as well as providing supplementary macro and micro nutrients.

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